Astanza Trinity Laser Tattoo Removal


Powerful Laser Tattoo Removal to Achieve Complete Results

Tattoos are no longer permanent thanks to the latest advancements in laser technology. Say goodbye to your unwanted ink and erase the past with Trinity laser tattoo removal. Get fast results and renew the natural look of your skin!

The Astanza Trinity laser used at the Padda Institute – Center for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine is the most powerful solution for removing colorful tattoos. Trinity laser treatments are customized to the unique colors of ink in your tattoo, so there aren’t any colors that will be resistant to treatment. Because the Trinity features more power than other lasers, you will see faster results and need fewer treatments than at other clinics.

During your treatment, the Trinity will use specific wavelengths of light energy to shatter the colorful pigments of your tattoo into small particles. Over the weeks following your visit, your body will naturally dispose of the particles, fading the appearance of the ink. Patients will need multiple sessions to see complete results; the number of treatments needed depends on the amount of ink in the tattoo and other factors.  On average, 6-12 treatments will be needed for full tattoo removal.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Before & After Photos from Real Patients

The photos below show tattoos removed by Astanza laser technology. They are typical styles of tattoos that Astanza practitioners see in their tattoo removal practices every day. As illustrated below, Astanza lasers can effectively remove a variety of tattoo colors to completion on the full range of skin types.

With Astanza laser technology, you can achieve optimal results even on the toughest tattoo removal cases.

tattoo removal examples

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