Laser Hair Removal

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Why Profile ClearScan™?

The PROFILE™ CLEARSCAN™ laser brings a new approach to laser hair removal!

ClearScan for hair removal gives you the highest performance available, taking advantage of robotic technology in Sciton’s LAPG computer-guided scanner for fast, ideal beam placement and perfect coverage resulting in improved efficacy and fewer treatments.

– ClearScan with LAPG is the only system that treats individual hairs rapidly and non-sequentially for greater comfort and efficacy.
– ClearScan can rapidly treat an area up to 30 mm by 30 mm in a single placement.
– Lower pulse energies are required and there is less heat build-up in the deeper layers than with the large-field beams that treat several hairs at a time.
– The smaller beam size also leads to higher available fluences and shorter pulse widths for treating a greater variety of hairs.

Another advantage of the robotic technology is the ability to scan individual pulses over an area non-sequentially, allowing heat to dissipate before adjacent hairs are treated, resulting in greater safety and comfort. Sciton LAPG is the first technology to use non-selective bulk tissue cooling for greater comfort and safety. Instead of selectively cooling and protecting the surface, LAPG enables the use of continuous deep cooling for many seconds to remove heat from the follicles and surrounding tissue resulting in added patient comfort and safety. Hair follicles make up a small percentage of the area of skin so most of the laser energy results in tissue heating. Competitive systems use pulsed selective cooling to remove heat only from the surface, whereas the ClearScan LAPG sapphire cooling plate removes heat continuously and non-selectively from bulk tissue for maximum comfort and allows higher more effective fluence to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

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